97 steps to Heaven

January 19, 2010

A good day 97.

Katie has been working flat out to get tickets for the show on sale today – and THEY ARE, online at WeGotTickets, and in the material world at the Cathedral Shop. We’re doing an early booking discount offer – a fiver off a ticket (full price £20 / £15 conc) – more info on the website.

And our first booking enquiry, from a Hoxton church congregation, 20 tickets! A sign! Although the play can be challenging for Christians, especially those of a fundamentalist tendency. When the BBC phoned last year to ask if I’d like to be on the Southwark Cathedral edition of ‘Songs of Praise’, I asked the researcher: “Are you sure you’ve got the right person?” And she said: “Yes, I think you’ll find we’ve at least moved into the 20th century.” – which I thought was quite witty. So I agreed to be in it and got on famously with the SoP crew, who filmed me discussing the play with the Dean in Cathedral Yard,  and tending the shrine at the Crossbones Gates and reading from The Southwark Mysteries in the 17th century timbered snug of The George Inn.

And it seems it’s going out on TV on Sunday 7th February, around 5pm – an unlikely way to promote a play with a medieval prostitute as a lead character.

Our budget is lean, but we do also receive a lot of “in kind” help from local supporters. Tonight, on my way to the supporters group meeting, I picked up a draft for our poster from the voluntary design team. A friend from the old London Bridge party days has offered to jazz up this blog and make it more “Southwarky”.  He knows me well enough to know that for us “Southwark” means all good things. He asks  can he be a Devil in the community cast? A: Yes, Saj, you can – and so can you, dear reader, if you’re want to commit at least 7 evenings and then some so as to be part of a life-changing communal experience.

* Disclaimer: places are limited to 30 ideally, 50 absolut max. in the community cast – so we have to be careful about promising anyone can be in it. Be assured that when people come to the first community cast workshop, it WON’T be an audition, more an invitation to commit to something bigger than ourselves, and to do it as well as we can just for the joy of the act of the senseless beauty of it all.

So yes, Day 97, was a very good day. So have they all been, the days so far blogged down from 100, all good days. Don’t begrudge me them – because we’ve been through some BAD days to get to here where, for now at least, The Goose is with us and it all just unfolds and is light and easy…

Then again, as Amen Corner’s Andy Wear-Feather-Low used to sing: Even the bad times are good… especially if you’re learning and lightening your load and doing your Work…

Or, as us gnostic Christians like to say: It’s All Good.

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  1. Did you Mean Andy Fear-Leather-Wow ? All sounding very interresting i shall be there.

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