Day 90 – midnight oil

January 26, 2010

Back to business.

11am. Meet Anna Arthur, our publicist. We’ve got our local networks and viral marketing – and trust Anna to get us into the wider media. She did PR for the 2000 production of The Southwark Mysteries, and before that for Gormenghast and for I Was An Alien Sex God in Edinburgh 1995. She’s always done good work for us – and has already come up with some great ideas to promote the new production.

12.50. only 5 minutes late for lunch with Sarah D-H, director. Over tuna melt and rigatoni putanesca, we have a 30 minute writer-director script intensive. Katie K, production co-ordinator, joins us for another melt and 45 minutes of production meeting covering everything from professional casting, the drawing up of letters of agreement, publicity, marketing, liaison with schools and adult community cast,  the sending out of notices, the confirmation of the remaining funding, updates all round. We are a triumvirate, Trinity Productions.

Home to hours of  decisions decisions questions questions and the positioning of logos. hmmm…

Worked on the letter to the community cast – the invitation to (especially, though not exclusively, south) Londoners who want to be in it.

This evening, dashed off a draft Artistic Director’s report for SOUTHWARK MYSTERIES (that’s the voluntary organisation that exists to promote The Southwark Mysteries (with the “The”))

Our AGM is on 9th February – new members welcome!

Plenty of good news to report to our small membership that helps keep this curious little show on the road: we’re now doing the flagship production which our group formed 5 years ago to do.

Which, Goddes will, show us all something new.

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