87 – blog on!

January 28, 2010

How wrong I was blame the blog. As Katie discovered when she switched it on, it was my computer, my entire cyberworld – with all The Southwark Mysteries production stuff, the revised script in progress, the lot – hanging…

I was out looking for Jesus,  and so protected from the dreadful knowledge until mid-afternoon. I remained eerily calm right through to the early evening when she fixed it – partly by clearing out a couple gigabites of trash files and music I never play. Remain calm in the face of certain uncertainties. Trust – something has shifted – slip lightly around obstacles, like water.

Abloggeration: the tendency of bloggers to blog about their blogs. Filthy habit. I eschew it!

I think we found our Son of Man – and know our players for the other parts – though it’s Sarah the director’s call so until parts are offered and players have said yea –

my lips are sealed.

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