Day 86 with a long spoon…

January 29, 2010

SATAN                  Methinks you all know who I am.
Methinks you know me well.
Methinks we can do business
For you all have souls to sell.
And some of you have contracts signed
And sealed, your shares in Hell.

Methinks you know my Moral Tale.
You know the parts I play
From Man’s first fumbling Fall from Grace
To his Last Judgement Day,
When some forever in my debt
Will have all Hell to pay,

Methinks you’ve heard the rumours
How now I do conspire
To fritter Man and all his Works
In everlasting fire.
To tell the Truth… but how can I?
I’m a compulsive Liar.

from The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable (Oberon Books)

New production: Southwark Cathedral 22, 23 24 April 2010
Tickets available now at Cathedral Shop and online.

Today I been trying my best to do the right thing. Not to compromise the spirit of The Southwark Mysteries in the process of getting it on. There’s a thin line between supping with the Devil and discovering he’s brought a few friends and they’re planning to stay the night and are expecting some ahem… in-house entertainment.

No, I haven’t actually spent the night in the sack with the dark one, so far as I know. I don’t even sup with his evil hencemen, not knowingly.

The people I’m doing this dance with, the corporate backers – and fronters? Decent people doing their best, by their own lights, to…

Do the right thing.

May we be present in every moment ready to do our best to and stand by what we do – and then walk it, in the light, to the end of the line.

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