81- return to the source

February 3, 2010

Been putting out the word on the community cast introductory workshops – 22nd and 24th February, exactly two months before we perform The Southwark Mysteries in Southwark Cathedral on 22nd, 23rd , 24th April.

To be in it, email Katie – via the Southwark Mysteries website if you don’t have her edress.

To see it, get your tickets now while they’re cheaper – and still available.

Aside from that, just another day at the office – admin, answering emails, keeping things moving forward with press release, poster, flyer – and the Annual report for the AGM.

Our Day 81 inflight infotainment continues with this public service announcement from the living and the dead in communion at the Crossbones Graveyard, where The Goose met John Crow and so revealed Her Southwark Mysteries:

The scenes in this film of the living shrine, the vigils at the gates and the reconsecration of the garden of remembrance on the site of the Crossbones Graveyard, are a manifestation of the magical work revealed by The Goose in The Southwark Mysteries.

This is where it all began, on the night of 23rd November 1996 – and here it returns, again and again…

To open the heart.

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