Around the Houses in 80 Days

February 4, 2010

Today, we spent hours proofing the flyer and poster drafts. We’ve got with the big red stain washing over our Devils for the poster image. All the red makes us both feel a bit hot and queasy – then again, it’s  not there to be an object of meditation, it’s there to grab the attention – and with the white Cathedral tower rising to meet them and the rampant black Goose above…

The red and the black are an intrinsic part of Her work to reveal the spirit in the flesh, sacred in the profane, Eternity in time…

Her Houses of the Holy… Her Houses of Healing… Her House of Liberty…

So, following on from yesterday’s embedded clip of Mad John Crow in action at Crossbones Graveyard…

Here’s the Revd. Happy Clappy Crow doing his own kind of praise singing – see Southwark SoP trailer:



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