Day 75 out of 100

February 9, 2010

25 days gone – a quarter of the way home.

These 25 days have been intense, initially very stressful, though progressively less so, as we learn a kind of aikido, of active free-willed surrender to the unfolding. In those 25 days we’ve done the basic underpinning, and can enjoy a moment’s rest, though we know the moment we’re complacent, the unforeseen is sure to rise up with a reality check.

Tonight was the AGM, and the day spent preparing for it. The AGM of our Southwark Mysteries group has always been a challenge – just making sure we follow all the extensive procedures  as specified in our demanding Constitution.  We chose a very democratic, transparent model, in which the grass-roots membership has real power. Before we knew it we were spending a disproportionate amount of time servicing the structures of the organisation. Yet this must be done – and very transparently, as we’re receiving both private and public funding to make this production happen.

And tonight’s AGM went like a dream. Chair Andy enlivened proceedings with his poetic report. Treasurer Lisa and Secretary Giles both reported our successes in fund-raising and wider support for the production. Thanks to them and to General Representatives Irene, Jacqui, Paul and Barry (there in spirit), and Members Anne and Kevin, who help keep our little organisation up and running, the essential foundation for our Theatre of Visions.

Apologies for absence were sent by Di, Sarah, Dominic, Noyumi – and Ion, recovering from a serious operation. We all wish him strength and healing.

And home to a message from Sarah: our ‘Satan’ has confirmed: Dan Copeland.  He caught my eye ten years ago, when I saw him in The Warp; he played the Cromwell’s General in the 2000 production, when Jacqueline Haigh played Satan as a fabulous petulant schoolgirl. Dan’s will be something entirely different and… well, Dan… which is just what we want!

The Devil, they say, has the best tunes. Our Satan certainly has some of the best lines, though our street Jesus gives as good as he gets.

And yes, we do find Jesus, in the end. Trust!


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