D-Day minus 74

February 10, 2010

D for drama, as in our mystery play in Southwark Cathedral.

D for Day of Doom, unleashed in The Southwark Mysteries by an opportunistic Satan with the aid of a Goose, a medieval prostitute, her bones dug up at the Crossbones Graveyard by London Underground tunnellers…

D for done-being a producer, back to being a full-time poet, performer, urban shaman, workshop leader and purveyor of unusual walks.

D day minus 74.

Director Sarah, production manager Kate S. and I meet prospective stage manager Kate (not to be confused with my c0-producer partner Katie)

The Kate we’re meeting made the crow necklace worn by me as John Crow in the 2000 production – and subsequently in many ritual performances at the Crossbones portal and beyond. She’d cut it down from a tree. Welsh farmers often shoot a crow and hang it from a branch as a warning to other crows. Kate has smoked it, cured it, blessed it and presented it to me – since then we’ve been on many a magic journey together. We joke about how Charlie’s not having it, she’ll have to make him a new one!

We have a core cast: The Goose (Michelle Watson), John Crow (Charlie Folorunsho) and Satan (Dan Copeland).

** Message from Day 34 to fellow time travellers. Yes, we’re missing a Jesus, though that won’t become clear until Day 34, when the Jesus we think we’ve found will prove false and other stuff. His name (the actOR – not Jesus) is therefore retrospectively expunged – if not from the Book of Life, then at least from this blog. ***

Satan’s band is led by Beelzebub (Simon Jermond, our acting MD, formerly Reduced Shakespeare Co.) and Abaddon (Tom Baker, accordionist and dark balladeer). Then there’s John Taylor the ferryman and ‘Water Poet’ (Kai Simmons), Moll Cutpurse, the ‘Roaring Girl’ of Bankside (Caroline Garland) and Oliver Cromwell (Oliver Langdon).

There are still some meaty parts for community cast members to play. We’re not holding auditions though – the  introductory workshops on 22nd and 24th Feb will set the tone for strong ensemble work: as tunnellers, Devils, Sisters of Redcross… Out of that, will come individual lines and small parts. And somewhere in that community cast, we trust, there’ll be William Shakespeare, a St Peter – not forgetting Florence Nightingale – and Mary Seacole.

Remember, if you want to be in it, it’s free  (see Day 83) – only you need to book your place. Use the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website:


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