Day 68 – so let’s create!

February 16, 2010

Yesterday I was too busy even to post my “too busy to blog” post.

What was I doing? Well, producing The Southwark Mysteries – the unglamourous part, the working through all the random emails that come in with expressions of interest, enquiries, requests; going through the drafts for the contracts and other paperwork with Katie; trying to get my head around what insurance we need to cover our freelance cast, crew and volunteers. O yes and cranking out hundreds of emails alerting everyone I might know that the fact that…

The Southwark Mysteries is like nothing you’ve seen before – unless maybe if you saw it last time, even then, this time’ll be something else!

And that there will be 3 performances only in Southwark Cathedral – on 22nd, 23rd, 24th April at 7.15pm (doors open 6.45; entertainment in the churchyard from 6.30).

And reminding you all that there’s now less than 2 weeks to buy your earlybird discount tickets: £15 / £10 concs. From March 1st they’ll be a fiver more. We’ve already sold more than a quarter of the tickets. *

* see the ‘buy tiickets online’ and Southwark Mysteries website buttons to the right of this page. *

Today, I wasn’t so busy – mostly waiting for the printer’s delivery of the posters and flyers.  So spent the morning penning yester Day 69 – a meditation on the ahem… oral tradition.

The posters and flyers arrived this afternoon. They look great. Very red.

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