February 17, 2010

67 days till the Cathedral has thrilled (we trust) to three performances of The Southwark Mysteries, the modern mystery play in which Jesus returns to rescue The Goose in the guise of Mary Magdalene, or vice versa, from ‘Satan’s snares’…


Our publicist Anna Arthur is on google alert – so we get to hear whenever we appear on her radar – a luxury I’m unused to.  We’ve got some lovely mentions in the Londonist, and transpontine…

I’ve a feeling you’re not supposed to paste lots of urls into your blog – see, I’m a blog virgin me, only 33 days into my 100! So what I’ll do is I’ll send the links to BlogWrangler and he’ll make them available here or elsewhere in cyberspace.

If you clicked on The Stage story you’ll know we’re on ‘The Quest for God’.  In The Southwark Mysteries, ‘God’ finds himself up against not only Satan, but an uppity Goose and her prophet John Crow.

‘When I was offered the part of God, I was given to understand it was the lead.’

So, yes, repeat, we are looking for a famous actor, who’d like to play God in Southwark Cathedral, to gently send up their own celebrity in the cause of supporting a ground-breaking community drama. And yes, first, I’m thinking Simon Callow, though I’m open to offers from our greatest actors, male or female, wishing to play this wonderful cameo part.

Today’s main tasks: check our CRB check and other requirements; take out our ’employer’s’ and public liability insurance. Then I head out in the sun and get our first poster put up at Nelsons, the cafe opposite John Harvard library on Borough High Street. The library itself has currently lost its community notice board, the architect having apparently neglected to find room for that messy little connectivity feature in the multimillion pound redesign.  No matter. Librarian Sherif takes a poster and flyer for the staff room.

Lighting my evening candle at the Crossbones gates. The Invisible Gardener appears, invites me on to see the triangular pool that Sidney and he have created at the base of his pyramid – all part of the Invisible Garden that he, with a little help from us and other Friends of Crossbones, has made here. Yes, the garden is waking.

I observe that the Gardener has emptied his red box shrine – the one with the bones and the broken garden gnomes. He grins: “I wanted to get all those bones back in the ground as quick as I could.”

Katie and I hot foot it up Shoreditch High Street for production meeting with Sarah and Kate S. who says she’ll take on the drafting of the other letters of agreement. Much relieved!

Sarah too feels the need to stop being a third of the producer. We’re hoping we’re now close to having all the basic structures and processes in place – so we can get down to the real creative work.

The community cast workshops are on 22nd and 24th of February. If you haven’t already, please use the contact us page on our http://www.southwarkmysteries.co.uk website to book your place. It’s free – and the first step to perfroming with us in Southwark Cathedral.

So much to report. So much other stuff to take in.

Getting there.

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