When I’m 64 Days – to go

February 21, 2010

Yesterday when it all briefly got too much K booked a zipcar and we drove down to B&Q on New Kent Road and bought some tools and stuff to tend the Crossbones shrine. Something physical after too many days staring at screens.

Never thought an hour at B&Q would be my idea of fun. This world is stranger than we can possibly imagine.

Saturday night we had starters (main course too pricey!) in the Volupte club where Tom Baker was hosting a deranged mad scientist burlesque show and had got us £5 tickets. They gave a fine showing, undeterred by the competing din of the stag and hen night parties. The evening climaxed in the demented H.P. Lovebox  crooning though his alien squid mask, giving us his cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ – awesome…

And because this was my time-honoured day of rest, I did not labour, neither did I spin, considering the lilies of the field and the ministry of Blind Willie Johnson:


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