yester Day 59

February 26, 2010

and after the high of Wednesday night’s awesome introductory community cast workshop, back to the grind.

Note for non-south Londoners: a part of the old London Bridge station roof was ripped out during demolition work, leaving only the broken word to honour a goddess: LONDON BRID. Now even that’s gone, to make way for what was going to be the tallest building in the world (before someone somewhere else built a bigger one).  The central grey concrete column resembles a necropolis, a monolith out of 2001 a space odyssey, bearing the blunt title: SHARD.

‘ere long it will be encased in glass. Other buildings will spring up all around the area: the Strata, the tallest residential building in Europe, the World, this phallic architecture is so last millennium!

Sarah and I had a script meeting nearby, at our “office”, Cafe Nero at Mary Overie dock in the shadow of the Cathedral. So much to discuss, including how best to form groups  and eventually assign parts to community cast members: so one group, for instance, will work on being Devils, others will be Tunnellers or ‘Sisters of Redcross’.  We were both talking non-stop. Eventually Sarah had to catch her train – I ended up walking with her all the way to the London Bridge platform.  A very good meeting ended at the barrier.

Then Katie and I spent the entire evening reconciling our budgets and cash-flow projections and what we’re pledging to pay people in their contracts and schedules – just the thing to make a poet’s heart sing, but got to be done to make sure it all fits together, all adds up.

Finally catch up on my emails by which time it’s past 1am and I’m too bushed to blog.

Which is why 59 is yester Day.

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