Day 52 step programme

March 4, 2010

Climbing out of the pit.

Step 52: do what needs doing even when your heart isn’t in it; keep the faith until you find your heart again.

Yes, terday’s crisis resolved – as I’d intuited the pear-shapes had nothing to do with our firm supporters.

And this work is, after all,  inescapably a test for all involved in firmness, which will stand us all in good stead in the days to come when, I am reliably informed, everything gonna shake and what’s not firm gonna fall.

Telephone interview with Alice Jones of The Independent. She’s especially interested in our Quest for God. She asks me who I’ve got in mind I tell the truth, Simon Callow. When pressed for a second name, I briefly fantasize about Michael Caine and rewriting God’ opening line: “‘I am gracious and great, God without a beginning…” to: “My name is… ”

Production meeting this evening – begins in Cafe Nero, but have to relocate when the downstairs toilets flood – wind up in a greasy-spoon on Borough High Street. During the extended, though very productive, meeting we discussed roles, responsibilities, actions. Kate is keen to formalise any agreements with partners so we’re all clear what all parties require to ensure the smooth running of the production.

Having established the overall strategy and operating structures,  the aim is now to transfer the day-to-day running of the production to Sarah and Kate Schofield, freeing up Katie to deal with the general administration of our organisation and me to focus increasingly on being the promoter – O yes and the writer!

I give thanks for my gifts – as a writer, performer, workshop conductor, purveyor of unusual walks and inspirational leader – and seek to use them well. However, being a production manager isn’t one of them. The uncertainties of yesterday were at least partly down to me not having dotted the i(s) crossed all the t(s). If I judge myself by how well I’ve mostly done that job, until now, my self-esteem plummets. So it’s a pleasure to hand a lot of this over to Kate Schofield, who shows every sign of being competent, cool-headed and thorough, the very qualities you look for in a production manager.

The four of us were joined by Helena and Jill, our schools workshop leaders. I checked their CRB certificates, with passport and utility bills as ID, and explained our Child Protection Policy, a copy of which will be sent to them along with their letters of agreement. These things have to be done. I’m personally responsible for ensuring all our workshop leaders comply with the policy.

Sarah says: “We’re all going to stink of grease.” She’s right – but it was the quietest place we could find near London Bridge on a Saturday night.

Top team! I look around the table and count my blessings.

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