Day 51 for getting on with it

March 6, 2010

basic office maintenance, catching up on paperwork, making sure the bills are being paid.

Distracted, I walked into the bathroom door, bashed my head. Katie says it’s a sign I’m beating myself up too much! True, I guess.  And, although it left me with a dull headache, it paradoxically seemed to wake me up, a Zen whack on the head, help shake and shift me out of the doldrums.

In the afternoon, I dropped off some posters for The Southwark Mysteries for Rose at the Cathedral. Katie and I dropped in to say hello John at copyprints. He’s been one of our low profile allies for more than a decade. John was delighted when I started leading unusual guided walks to visit the site of the Tabard Inn in the yard outside his shop, and later when a blue plaque to Chaucer was installed above it. On the way home I put up 3 laminated posters at strategic sites in the Borough.

DIY productions!

22nd April is opening night for the new production of The Southwark Mysteries.

Those of you who can’t wait that long can get a taster at the Crossbones Gates vigil, Redcross Way SE1 – 6.45 for 7pm on 23rd March.

AND, two days later, as Scott at SELFS reminds me 🙂

25 March – Southwark Lore.

A free event hosted by SELFS featuring stories and song inspired by London’s outlaw borough.

John Constable sings and performs The Southwark Mysteries
Nigel of Bermondsey sings the Bermondsey suite.


Scott Wood and Richard of Hume perform the story `The Temple of Bacchus’.

Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle and Niall Boyce uncover further stories of Southwark wonders and weirdness.

Neil Transpontine, Scott Wood and Chris Roberts talk on Southwark ghosts, monsters and folklore.

This event is will be at the Old Mayfair Carpet Gallery, 301-303
Borough High Street, Southwark, London, SE1 1JH

The gallery is situated on the corner of Borough High Street and Trinity Street. Here’s a map: http://tinyurl.com/southwarklore

The SELFS e-newsletter also asks:

have you booked tickets for the Southwark Mysteries play yet? Do so here:

John’s keeping a blog on organising the event here:
Share his pain and passion.*


* “His pain and passion.” lol

We’ll try not to overdo it!

Big thanks to Scott and everyone in south east London and beyond who’s supporting The Southwark Mysteries.

On 25th March, in the Carpet Gallery due south of Borough tube, on the corner of the next traffic lightsdown, less than 100 yards from the crow’s nest, as the crow flies, I WILL be performing SELECTED songs and poems FROM The Vision Books of The Southwark Mysteries.

To see The Southwark Mysteries, the full once-in-a-decade production of the play itself, directed by Sarah Davey-Hull, with some great actors and an awesome community cast, you need to BOOK A TICKET to 1 of the 3 performances in Southwark Cathedral on 22, 23, 24 APRIL.

For now, dear friends, I’m off on Shabbatical…

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