Day 46 (already?) double 23 communal joy

March 10, 2010

Mondays and Wednesdays, my favourite evenings: community cast. And today, I didn’t go in to work already stressed from producer pressures – real or imagined – but relaxed and prepared and so able to fully enjoy it from  the start.

Gazmend led the physical, then Ita the vocal warm-up: same form as Pat and Ollie on Monday,  same basic exercises yet always new, the different workshop leaders and varying composition of the group revealing new facets each time.  Ita had us all walking the room and lightly touching to turn one another and for a few magical moments it was as if everyone were doing a group waltz to silent celestial music.

Relatively few men tonight –  Ivan, Kelfin, Leslie, Andrew, Dom. Our brilliant LSBU Student Ambassador Maxine showed us to a smaller studio, where we worked on singing The Tunnellers verses, call and response style.

So already Wednesdays are established as Sisters of Redcross and Whores night. The women sat in a big circle in Edric Hall and read through their central scene, which culminates in the crucifixion and death of Jesus.

The community cast are already becoming family. Michelle M brought in a delicious lemon and polenta cake.

Shaun has posted comments here and given us a rave review on his own blog!

Dom and Nadja are posting photos of each week’s workshops on Dom’s site

Life is sweet!

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