Day 45 (cont)

March 11, 2010

(cont. from Day 47 which was itself cont. from the Day 49 before yesterblog, moving backwards in time as you will be by now familiar)

So, Cromwell having failed to stop the show, Satan calls time on The Goose, John Crow and the other wicked souls…  but then…

a whisper passes through the multitude: ‘He is come! He is come! They’re all looking wildly about them. A rough sleeper steps out of the crowd. Cromwell recognises him as Jesus, inviting him to judge:

… this Daughter of Satan, a Witch and a Whore
Who must be justly punished under Moses Law…

SATAN delights in Jesus’ moral dilemma:

If he spares her life, he’s breaking the Law.
But if he decides that they must stone the Whore,
At one stroke he denies the Forgiveness of Sin.
He must be Judge and, either way, ‘His Honour’ cannot win.

The GOOSE confounds them both, appealing directly to Jesus in the persona of Mary Magdalene, in language borrowed directly from the medieval originals:

As a cursed creature closeted in care,
And as a wretched wraith all wrapped in woe,
Of bliss was never bag so bare
As I that now to Hell must go,
As I that now to Hell must fare
For these great Sins they say I do,
Unless my Lord see fit to spare
And his great Mercy receive me to.
Mary Magdalene is my name
Now I am come to Christ Jesu…

CROMWELL           By God, the Woman has no shame!

JESUS                  Cromwell, what has the Woman done to you?

GOOSE                 Have mercy, Lord, and salve my Sin;
Son of Man, now wash me free.

from The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable (Oberon Books)

* * *

5. Intercutting and interconnectivity.

This blog uses the juxtaposition of different categories of information to create the options of navigating by following x-references to previous Days.

As such it is in accord with the every day magic practiced by John Crow in consort with The Goose, which identifies new connections, new patterns, as a way of  effecting small yet crucial changes in the way we perceive the world.

Thus in the preface to the Glossalalia, the third part of The Southwark Mysteries (Oberon Books) we read:

At the heart of the Mysteries is a matrix of living energies and intelligences, interacting across Space and Time to heal the primordial rift between the Flesh and the Spirit. To reunite the Tantric Tribe. To reassemble the Body of Christ in the Temple of Isis. And to transform Samsara, the illusory world of names and forms that commonly passes for reality.

(“O… So that’s what it’s all about!” blog ed.)

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