40 Days (and 40 nights)

March 16, 2010

I know we’re not perfectly synchronised with Lent – and there’s nothing I’ve actually given up – though I daily do FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT to be free from myself 🙂 –

In the ‘Seven Devils’ scene we rehearsed yesterday, only Beelzebub dares confront Jesus directly. He recalls Satan’s Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness:

BEELZEBUB         Oi! Jesus, my son… If God isn’t dead.
If you’re truly His son, let’s see
You turn these ‘ere stones into sliced bread.
Bee Elzebub! No flies on me!

When mystics speak of the World of Illusion, they’re not so much denying the existence of the material universe, as the thoughts and emotional responses we protect onto and invest in it. The 40 days in the wilderness seem to prefigure his death and resurrection. Jesus must die to the deluded projections of his own Godly ego, to rise again a Christ Liberator!

In the gnostic author’s humble opinion.

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