BIG FUN (why I like Mon) Day 41

March 16, 2010

Community cast. The Monday group: Tunnellers; Devils.

After Pat and Ollie have done the physical-vocal warm-ups and had us “walking like a shoal of fish”, we divide in two groups for some intensive work on specific scenes.

Ollie and I work with the Tunnellers, on holding together as a group, moving them within the marked out playing space – our recreation of Southwark Cathedral inside Edric Hall – according to Sarah’s choreography.

Sarah and Caroline (Moll Cutpurse) went into another studio to work with the Devils.

When Sarah first mentioned dividing the Monday group into the male Tunnellers and female Devils, I played Devil’s Advocate, asked whether she was consciously embracing gender stereotyping?  I’ve come to see that she’s doing something more subtle and subversive with archetypes.  The community group embodies male and female currents – Tunnellers, Devils, Sisters of Redcross – that function on an energetic, rather than a merely intellectual or emotional level.

Towards the end of the session, each group presented to the other. First the Tunnellers, then…

The Seven Devils scene in which, egged on by Beelzebub,  demon papparazzi swarm all over Mary Magdalene:

BEELZEBUB         Oi! Cut the abracadabra
Magical mystery routine.
What all of our readers are wanting to know is…
DEVILS                 What the **** does it mean?

BEELZEBUB         Our readers are pleading to know where it’s leading.
So Fiends, go fetch ‘em a frenzy worth feeding.

Louisa says: ‘Why can’t we say “fuck” in the Cathedral/’
I said: ‘Because it’s funnier if we don’t, if the Devils are a bit embarassed by their own bad behaviour.’

Sarah, who is fabulously thorough, has done the through journey for each group of players. Her ‘Devil Sketch Biography’ makes great reading. Beginning with the obvious:
* They are followers of Satan
* They were thrown out of heaven by God for appalling beahvious
* They have pitchforks at the end of their tails

* They have cameras
* They are jokers
* They are vaudevillian clowns
* They work as double acts

to the rather more surprising:
* They are scared of children.
* They know the Holy Scriptures inside out

to end in the orthodox, if faintly deviant:
* They punish the Lost Souls in disgusting and degenerate ways, according to their sins


  1. I had a thought this morning, that maybe I should do a Pat style warmup with my kids in the morning, so they are more energised in before school.

  2. He is a link to you talking about Cross Bones Graveyard on The Late Show with
    Joanne Good : starts 34mins in http://itsy.eu/36

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