37 Days

March 20, 2010

Friday 9.45am: meet Helena outside The Globe to give a guided walk to our third school, Goose Green. Simon, our actor MD who’ll be working with them on the song, came along.  Goose Green is further away than Victory and St Jude’s – there wasn’t time for us to travel down with them and fit in a workshop for us straight after the walk. I borrowed Simon’s guitar and we all got to sing The Ballad of Mary Overie in Little Dorrit Park.

The three of us went back for coffee and croissants (courtesy Louisa, see Day 38) to my place, where Simon and Helena recorded me singing The Ballad of Mary O, The Goose Song, John Crow’s Riddle and Ferry Me Home. Simon will work with Tom to ensure that all the different parts of the cast – the three schools and two adult community groups – are all singing the same tune!

This evening, with my other, hermetic, community, sang Santa Missa , the Mass in Brazilian-Portuguese for Glauco – the cartoonist, Daimista and accordionista – and his son, murdered last week in Sao Paulo.

Bless them.

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