32 Days

March 25, 2010

Countdown to Liberty! The Day after, God willing and By The Grace of Our Lady,  the three Judgement Days of April!

This morning spent frantically locating and printing out documents in preparation for:

Production meeting 24 March 10 @ Caffè Nero (St Mary Overie dock – where else?)



Get-in including moving chairs
Rooms available
Start plan for show nights

Budget / spend update
Kt and KS meeting feedback

Cast Update
Community cast
Schools – monitoring
Core cast and crew – contracts

Design update

VIP list / event update

Things to do
Press and publicity plan for 4 week run-up – ideas
Get more flyers and distribute
Liaison with sponsors

Crew update
Annie’s assistant

Anything else
Ticket sales and allocations
Publicity and Quest for God
Schools – need ethnic monitoring breakdown

So far, so good. Just need to be perhaps a jot more specific in an agreement with an esteemed partner.

This evening: Wednesday community cast, 36 people. Like Monday, a sense of getting down to the nitty gritty, that “acting is hard work” as someone said during the feedback session.

Di Sherlock, who played The Goose in the origjnal production, a writer director in her own right, led the warm-up starting with a Big Bertha chanting game, developing through lots of yawns and stretches into a vocal warm up.

Ita then got everyone walking in a circle, in step, very slow and contained. This formed the underlying rhythms for the Pilgrimage scene. Ita  worked the entrances for the Sisters of Redcross, working in the men who play the Sick and Infirm.

Then Di did some intensive vocal work with the Sisters, getting them each to really understand and feel and project their lines. It felt like another leap forward, as the community cast rose to the challenge. Although, as individuals they were more exposed, being put on the spot to deliver their line with conviction, someone aid later how they’d felt very supported.

After the break, Ita ran the Pilgrimage entrance, with everyone reciting their lines By The Grace of Our Lady Mary Overie, keeping up the energy whilst walking to that creeping pace as the Sick and Infirm process to be healed by Jesus.

Musician Tom Baker said he choked up just listening to it.

After the break, Tom, Di, Katie and I took the Whores off into Studio 2 to rehearse Ferry Me Home, the song sung by The Goose to Jesus in which she complains how long she’s been waiting for him to come and save her:

Lord I have walked the streets of Eternity
Waiting for my Lord to come ferry me home.
(music: Richard Kilgour)

Meanwhile, Ita worked with the Sisters on their second major scene, culminating in the the Pieta.  C/cast member Philippa  was in Rome last week and saw the Michaelangelo statue in St Peter’s.

Time was up and we didn’t cover everything Sarah had wanted us to, but there was a sense that Di’s extended vocal work had produced results, as evidenced by the feedback to the topic ‘One thing I learned…’

There’s no end to acting! (lots of laughter of recognition)
There IS an end to acting. (Leslie, who plays OLD TED, and who knows his theatre 🙂
To project the voice.
To sit down and give my focus.
That Southwark has the most magical energy.
The space is 30 paces long.
“There’s no people like show people!”
To depend on the person in front of me.
Learning to lose my fear.
You can trust the script.
I experienced the beauty of that slow walk.
After a lifetime of saying I can’t sing, I really enjoy it!
How much we blossom and grow with a bit of personal attention.

That the circumference of my head is 22 inches.
(costume measurements, conducted by Kate – we do multitask, we mysterions)

“Pam’s walking stick is scarily comfortable.”
(Paul I think, who borrowed it to play one of the infirm)

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