Day 29 down the line

March 27, 2010

Always dangerous to relax. Today our coughs and sneezes took hold a bit more. No Saturday night parties for us!

Spent much of the day revising the programme, pasting in the Cathedral’s edited history page, and making sure everyone is properly credited on the centre pages.

(Thanks too to the hundreds of good friends who’re not directly involved in the thing itself this time around but have been part of it last time round or somewhere on the way to here – they know who they are, though there’s no conceivable way to mention them all by name, except on some future exponentially expanding blog!)

If you’re in it and see someone I’m missing who should be mentioned, remind me while there’s still time to revise this draft programme. (pl pls ignore the erratic layout: haven’t quite got the hang of wordpress layout tools. It will all be nicely lined up in the printed programme, we trust)

“Roll credits!”

The Southwark Mysteries
a contemporary Mystery Play by John Constable


JOHN TAYLOR                                  Kai Simmons
MOLL CUTPURSE                             Caroline Garland
JOHN CROW                                       Charlie Folorunsho
THE TUNNELLERS                          Erik Fuller, Adam Taffler, Ivan D’Evan, Toby Haggith,
Rowan Finch, Shaun Phillips, Lesley Gay, Andy Lockwood
TUNNELLER 1                                  Ed Lynn
TUNNELLER 2                                  Pete King
FOREMAN                                         Alex Madewell
GHASTLY CHERUB                        Jeff Merrifield
THE DEVIL’S BAND                       Simon Jermond, Tom Baker
THE GOOSE                                        Michelle Watson
WINCHESTER GEESE                     Michelle Malka, Georgie Davey, Elizabeth Dallas, Natalie Amber, Madregal Ward,                                                                               Pauline Murphy, Susanna Lafond
SATAN                                                 Daniel Copeland
CROMWELL                                      Oliver Langdon
PURITAN SOLDIERS                    School-children from Victory, St Jude’s and Goose Green Primary Schools
WILL SHAGSPUR                           Kelfin Oberon
JESUS                                                 Merryn Owen
PETER                                                 Toby Haggith
BEELZEBUB                                       Simon Jermond
ABADDON                                        Tom Baker
DEVILS                                              Sarah Heenan,  Aileen Richmond, Louisa Cath, Tara Bristow,
Kim Shankar,  Zoe Young, Pippa Moss, Dom Search
JUDAS                                                Rowan Finch
THE SISTERS OF REDCROSS      Irene Anderson, Joanna Vignola, Annie Cole,
Annie Greenslade, Phillipa Millward, Jane Bartlett,
Catherine Dale, Annetta Tang, Hazel Agar
Betty Peart, Laura Murray, Laura Wirtz, Faye Smith
THE SICK AND INFIRM              Ed Lynn, Pete King, Alex Madewell, Ivan D’Evan,
Erik Fuller, Shaun Phillips, Andy Lockwood
DOCTORS                                         Jennifer Cooper, Tinsel Linton
NURSES                                             Rosey Walbancke, Sheila Murphy
OLD TED                                           Leslie Gay
MARY SEACOLE                           Daisy Blake
A DRUNK                                          Shaun Phillips
THE CONSTABLE                          Adam Taffler
MORE DEVILS (IN HELL)         Catherine Dale, Annie Cole, Faye Smith
THE LOST SOULS                         Irene Anderson, Joanna Vignola, Annie Greenslade,                                                                                                                                           Phillipa Millward, Jane Bartlett, Betty Peart, Annetta Tang, Hazel Agar,
Laura Murray, Laura Wirtz, Jennifer Cooper,
Tinsel Linton, Rosey Walbancke, Sheila Murphy
ANGELS                                             School-children from Victory, St Jude’s and Goose Green Primary Schools

The action is set in Southwark on the Day of Judgement

Director: Sarah Davey-Hull

Designer: Annie Kelley

Adult community cast workshop leaders: Oliver Langdon, Ita O’Brien
Workshop assistants: Gazmend, Pat, Di Sherlock
Schools workshops: Jill Donker Curtius, Helena Easton

Costumes assistants: Sarah Abigail Weightman, Liz Donker Curtius

Song lyrics (and music to John Crow’s Riddle) John Constable
Music (to The Goose’s Song and Ferry Me Home) Richard Kilgour
Musical Director: Simon Jermond

Production Manager: Kate Schofield
Stage Manager: Kate Driver
Company Administrator: Katie Nicholls

Press and PR: Anna Arthur at Arthur Leone PR
Photography: Dom Search © photographicon.com, Nadja Niemann and Yee Lei Sheng
Blog Wrangler (100daysofsouthwarkmysteries): Saj
Programme design: Beccy Allen
Poster and flyer design: Adam Concar, Robert Soar, Victoria Ollerton @ Forster

co-producers: John Constable, Sarah Davey-Hull, Katie Nicholls

dedicated to the memory of John Joyce, actor and enthusiast
who played The Bishop of Winchester in Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral
at the world premiere of The Southwark Mysteries, 23rd April 2000

part of the St George in Southwark Festival 2010

special thanks to the Dean and Sub-Dean of Southwark Cathedral, to Rose Harding, Paul Timms and everyone else who made it possible for the Cathedral to host this performance.

to Sarah Green and Claire Wilson (More London) for use of The Scoop.

to Bronwyn Murphy at London South Bank University for use of the Edric Hall for community cast rehearsals; to Martin the ever-patient techie, and to Maxine and the other LSBU Student Ambassadors who made us feel so welcome.

for our principal supporters: Dan Clarke (NEO Bankside), Jilly Forster (Forster), Dee Mair and Jane Boswell (IPC Media), Bronwyn Murphy (LSBU), Annie Shepperd (Southwark Council), Pauline Stockmans (Allies and Morrison), Giles Semper (Better Bankside), Barry Mason (Southwark Cyclists), Jacqui Woodward-Smith, Land Securities, Izod Evans, Beccy Allen (step)

for SOUTHWARK MYSTERIES: Andy Lockwood, Giles Semper, Lisa Murphy, Irene Anderson-King, Jacqui Woodward-Smith, Barry Mason,  Paul Newman

for SOUTHWARK MYSTERIES DEVELOPMENT GROUP: Anne Wolfe, Giles Semper, Rachel Fitzgerald, Beccy Allen, Pauline Stockmans, Lisa Murphy, Barry Mason, Synthia Griffin


There’s a lot of  ‘God willing’ / ‘Insha’allah’ about all this. If it all goes to plan, all those people will have played their parts and all those thanked will be proud to be associated with the production.

Only we can be fairly sure it won’t ALL go to plan. Close observers of the Dramatis Personae will see we still haven’t clinched the God deal. I have to report that Sir Ian McKellen, further to my popping the Big Question to him on his way to the theatre, wrote to say he can’t help us as he’s busy all through April. We have various Divine contenders stamping away in the stalls – must consult further with my Oracle, Anna.

Only we do have to think on our feet, and be putting the programme together ourselves, on the hoof, with a little help from our friends, so we might as well be transparent and post our draft credits right up here.

Credit where credit’s due.

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