24 Days

April 1, 2010

9.30 production meeting at Sarah’s rehearsal space. Very intense, a lot to get through – and a lot was.  Clarified some of the Front of House procedures, agreed some additional expenditure.  Annie the designer feels under quite a lot of pressure, trying to dress up to a hundred performers, each requiring several costume changes, on a relatively modest budget.

Later sat in on Sarah working through the script with the actors, identifying events and intentions with her customary thoroughness. I think it deepened all our readings of the scenes, even mine – and was often very fun, as actors expressed their intentions in character or even, like Caroline, in dumbshow. Also got to meet Jesus – Merryn, recently back from a trip to Atlanta. We talked Bible belts.

Lunchtime: meeting with Sarah and Kate Schofield to agree the parts of the play to be performed at The Scoop, More London. By London Bridge, in a concrete amphitheatre in the shadow of the London Assembly. From 12 noon-2pm Wed 14 – Sat 17, there’ll be free performances of scenes from The Southwark Mysteries performed by the combined casts, together with related poems and songs by your author. Individual community cast members will have an opportunity to showcase their own Mysteries in song or poetry, likewise our professional musicians Simon and Tom.

After lunch, the actors put the Second Coming of Jesus and the Mary Magdalene scenes on their feet. It was with great reluctance that I dragged myself away – just as things were getting cooking – to make some last minute phone calls, send emails to partners, sponsors, even pay a quick visit to my bank in the Borough – still don’t quite trust this internet banking malarky!

“All smoke and mirrors, dear!”

As The Goose would say.

Happy Easter, Passover, Oestra, every thing you celebrate and Love in Life! May your eggs be golden. Peace on earth.

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