Easter SunDay 21

April 4, 2010

Christ is risen!

An unfashionably traditional Easter greeting, from one with a reputation for being a bit of a heretic-iconoclast-pagan. However, those who know The Southwark Mysteries will know it embraces pre-Christian gods, goddesses, elementals and native spirits, honouring the open heart of Christ within us,  whilst rejecting the authoritarian belief systems imposed in his name.

I’ve always argued that against the fashionable,  indiscriminate “throw-baby-out-with-the-bathwater” rejection of our Christian heritage, which effectively insulates us from its unique contribution to our spiritual lives.

Christ, like the Buddhist Bodhisattva, intervenes directly in the human narrative. Whereas the old pagan gods interacted with our lives – those old embodiments of male divinity frequently enjoying sexual congress with human women, or whilst those neo-platonic conceptions of the Prime Cause remain far removed from, and seemingly indifferent to, the concerns of the common man, the Christ is the Divine Man, God come down to Earth to share the most intimate joys, sufferings and aspirations of  Humanity, the ally and protector of all who strive to transform our experience of the world.

The Archbishop of Canterbury appears to be back-peddling on his Good Friday message that the Irish church had lost all moral authority due to its cover-up of the child abuse scandals.  I heard mealy mouthed priests complaining that by so saying he was insulting every Irish Catholic (some of the more excitable Prods even seemed to think he was having a go at them), since the church is made up of all of its members. Sophistry! The charge is that THOSE IN POSITIONS OF ABSOLUTE SPIRITUAL POWER HAVE SQUANDERED ALL RIGHTS TO EXERCISE THAT POWER OVER ANOTHER.

That doesn’t mean a witch-hunt against all priests – I don’t doubt there are compassionate, principled representatives of the priesthood in Ireland and worldwide who have sought to enhance and expand the spiritual, intellectual, moral and emotional lives of their young charges, without feeling that God or the Bishop had given them the right to diddle ’em! What it does mean is that the Church hierarchy – the Pope and his cabal of Cardinals – have been exposed as as criminally negligent and bereft of all moral authority.

In my post of a fortnight ago – Spring is sprung & O joy ’tis 2b alive on Ancient of Days 35 –  I expressed essentially the same view as that recently articulated by Archbishop Rowan Williams: that the established church is being shaken from the roots upwards and that any spiritual renewal of the church must come from below.

I would say “from the bottom up” – were that not such a hideously apt description of how some Irish priests interpreted their duty of care for vulnerable bodies and souls.

Today, I rejoice that I am NOT the Archbishop of Canterbury, and pray that I will never be pressured to retract my contention that the upper echelons of the Roman Catholic church have been exposed as morally bankrupt. This is NOT an attack on Catholicism. Whilst I am not a Roman Catholic, I honour the Blessed Virgin and rejoice in the communion of saints. It’s simply that, in order to rediscover its spiritual mission, the church must ensure that Earthy Power is stripped from those who have so shamefully abused it.

I said before that, like the bankers with their bonuses, the Pope and his cardinals still haven’t clocked it. The game is up! As Christ says to Satan in The Mysteries:

‘The veil is rent! Thy power shorn!’

Your Holiness, with respect, it’s time to take responsibility, set an example – and resign! Then, and only then, may process of healing, reparation and renewal begin.


  1. Easter is the best, and most pagan, of all the Christian festivals. It is only mentioned once in the Bible. The evil pagan king Herod attends as St. Peter languishes in his dungeon (Acts 12:4)

    There aren´t any bunnies in the Bible, though there are plenty in Playboy. Easter bunnies represent what rabbits like best, which is sex, and the fruit of this divine passtime is symbolised by the easter egg.

    Sex is, in many ways, what makes us what we are, and celibacy generally makes us into perverts, as many an altar boy has discovered the hard way. Hats off to the Goose and her John for bringing divinty back to the boudoir and the horn back to the cathedral.

    • The views expressed by the Reverend Nemu are entirely his own. Provided he expresses them in the temperate manner we have come to associate with his ahem re-formed self, 100days is happy to er… propagate his musings on Moses and Hugh Hefner and other matters Oestrological. Here’s Goose to your Gander!

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