SaturDay 22

April 4, 2010

Ah! To pull out the plug and let the overheated hardware cool down… Whenever we take so much as an awayday at the sea, thereby disconnecting the adrenaline mainline which fuels  the Mysteries production office, we revert to a default, pleasantly weary and blessedly worry-free, state.

Of course, we can’t completely shut it out of mind. On the train coming down (GoodFriDay 23) – and again yesterSaturDay 22 – we proof read Beccy’s first draft for the programme.  It’s looking good – though with a theatre programme there are always revisions and final additions to incorporate up to the moment you deliver to the printers.

The other big question on our minds is whether or not to include an extra matinee performance. The three scheduled performances are selling well – looks like we may well have sold all the tickets by early next week. An extra matinee – on Saturday 24th April at 2pm – has been agreed in principle with the Cathedral. I’ve been reluctant to activate this option, concerned that it will put too much strain on our already overstretched resources. Director Sarah and production manager Kate take the view that one extra performance won’t mean too much extra work, once we’ve got everything up and ready top roll for the three main shows.

Katie and I are open to persuasion, provided we can figure out a way to issue a whole new batch of tickets without unleashing chaos and confusion. So far, touch wood, we’ve devised simple, secure, effective (though we won’t know for sure until we’ve tested our systems for real!)  ways of admitting 340 people to each of the three evening performances.

Watch this space.

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