April 15, 2010

Hard on the heels of the Eleventh Day’s Night’s incredibly disciplined, focused and very moving rehearsal – all credit to Sarah and the crew, and to the core actors and community cast members who are working so well together.

This morning up and out bright and early for the second of the four days of FREE PERFORMANCES at THE SCOOP. This time we had Sarah, Michelle (Goose), Dan (Satan), Charlie (John Crow) and yesterday’s core cast buskers along with some of our community street theatre stalwarts.

We gave an impromptu performance of the entire opening – the four available Tunnellers gave their all! – all the way through to where Satan declares: ‘It is the Day of Doom!’

Sarah and the actors left soon after the first half. For the second, we returned to our scratch programme, intercutting songs and texts from the Mysteries with our participants’ own poems and songs. This time we also had Betty and Pamela, our older ladies who learnt their authority to the women’s chanting of By the Grace and their lovely choral voices to the singing of The Ballad of Mary O.

Sarah H. (a community cast member, Devil) performed her poem about the female gladiator found by the old Roman cemetery in Watling (now Great Dover) Street.  I’ll post it up here if she gives me permission.

We ended again with the cry to ‘Let in’ the outcast and the ritual group toast: ‘To Southwark’ bouncing off the walls of the London Assembly.


  1. We should defintely tell people again tomorrow at The Scoop about the full run through on Saturday.
    Would be great to get a nice sized crowd.

  2. Of course you have my permission! I really enjoyed myself today and can’t wait for the next two days of Scoop-based revelries.

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