April 17, 2010

The symbol of eternity, invoked on this Eighth Day in the countdown to the Poet’s longed-for sense of liberation on the morning after all this is done. Today, at least, a part of The Doing was done.

A beautiful cloud-less, plane-less blue sky day. High noon. Our free public rehearsal-performance in The Scoop, our amphitheatre scooped out of the foundations of the London Assembly. Nearly all the adult community cast have made it – their first chance to stagger through the whole play, woth the core cast,  in front of an audience.

With more than 50 people doing a vocal warm-up, our vowels richochetting off the echoing bowl of The Scoop, we quickly draw a crowd, the ranks of curious tourists swelled by the ranks of those who’ve come especially to see  the one free scratch performance of The Southwark Mysteries.

Sarah makes it clear that this is a rehearsal-performance and that she may stop us and ask us to do something again.  She then invites me to introduce the performance.  I begin by giving thanks that for the first time in my life the skies over London are silence. It gets a big round of applause.

The company – professional and community casts do wonders to make sense of this weird apocalyptic story. Some of it is funny, some very moving… The audience is enthralled. When Michelle softened her voice to appeal to Jesus as Mary Magdalene, you could have heard a pin drop.

Everyone really gave of their best. Today was a collective triumph. Thank you all who were part of it, on-stage, back-stage or supporting us in the audience.

We’ve still got those three nights at the Cathedral to make good. Yet verily this Day 8, together, we did good work. Good work was done.


  1. It was a truly great performance (while technically still a rehearsal). I was so glad to see everyone again and wish you all the best for the performances in the Cathedral!

  2. Photos that I took whilst not being a player or a devil yesterday are here.

    I switched my camera off when I was actually being a press pack devil – I obviously don’t have what it takes to be a papparazzo!

  3. Sarah’s the ‘papparazzi Devil’ who got the ‘God is Dead’ shot for Abaddon’s Sun! lol

    Some nice ones of cast, crew and friends enjoying the sunshine – and the silent skies over London!


  4. Thanks for putting on this show at The Scoop, John. I didn’t get any tickets for Southwark Cathedral, so it was brilliant to get a chance to see the play. Al fresco, no less – what a treat! Well done everybody and good luck for the three performances; I’m sure it will be a triumph!

    • The Scoop was a special performance for us. To play it in the Cathedral is very powerful. Thanks for your well-wishing.

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