The Seventh Day

April 18, 2010

ToDay 7: not exactly observing the Orthodox Shabbat, not even the Day of Rest observed by my Anglo-Welsh chapel-going ancestors. Even so…

Today, I have been doing bits of producer work, yet in a relaxed, slightly detached way that doesn’t stress me out.  It’s only a week since my crisis of faith – the confrontation with Personal Demons and the childhood fear of failure, my epiphany in Southwark Cathedral and the blessing of the woman priest.

Since then, I can say that I’m a changed man and with that change the world is changed – just as Canon Jane said during the Service of Light, when she spoke of entering into Christ to repair this damaged world.

We’ll hold on the HALLEJULAHs until Day One is done and we’ll all still alive and shining and our lives changed for the better.

YesterDay 8’s free performance was a little triumph for all of us and has given us confidence for the Big 3 in Southwark Cathedral.

Feel a bit like Nick Clegg, the LibDem leader who came out of nowhere to win outright the pre-election TV debate between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Yes, we’re doing good but let us never get cocky or careless.

Only when this tale is told anew, and we are all renewed by the healing energies thereby released, in the very heart of Southwark Cathedral, then, ah then…


  1. Found you! Great Blog, yeah didn’t Clegg do well? He’s got two weeks to win it. If he storms it again of thursday he could be the new shinning boy eh. There are always major world wars when we elect liberals so there is a lot to look forward too!

    You are right. Your play is a healing spell. A beautiful thing nice one!

    • good to see you again, dave bones, at our open air Mystery show.
      I rejoice that you connect with the work. greetings from John – and the Crow x

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