5 Days to our holiDay

April 20, 2010

5 Days to change our lives forever.

HoliDay being Sunday 25th April when our trinity of performances have been performed. By which time, with the help of the God who moves in Mysterious Ways, we will have done what we set out to do. We will, doubtless, have done things we ought not to have done, and left undone things we should have done. We will have done our Honest John best to do it right.

The 5 Days being today: final run through; tomorrow: all-day get-in, dress rehearsal, Q2Q and finally, at the end of a long day, God willing,  our dress rehearsal. First night being this Thursday 22nd April. The magically charged St George’s Day performance on the 23rd and the climactic last night of Saturday 24th.

Let’s all keep breathing, sitting on our space-hoppers, gently bouncing…

today: final run-through with combined core cast and adult community cast. Our last night in Edric Hall, our fabulous rehearsal space provided by London South Bank University on Borough Road. Special thanks to Maxine and Rachida our LSBU Ambassadors who open the space, sign our people in, bring us free refreshments provided by LSBU, and general look after our psychic well-being. Thank you for making us feel so at home.

All day long it was a busy day of dealing with the minutiae – the anomalies – the foolish virgins who didn’t heed the advice to get their lamps lit while there was time and are now hustling for spare candles. We judge them not.

We’re so busy there’s not enough time to blog it all. YesterDay 6 – Geese a-layin’, for instance, I entirely neglected to mention an event of some significance in our Apocalyptic Production Schedule: the arrival of the Ghastly Cherub.

This is the Angel kidnapped by Satan to blow the last trumpet, thereby unleashing a premature Apocalypse complete with the raising of the Great Whore * in case you were wondering 😉

The Ghastly Cherub was a character suggested by the late extraordinary Ken Campbell, when we discussed my modern Mystery Play in our ‘McKee’ writers’ group.  The late remarkable John Joyce was our ‘secretary’, he played the Bishop of Winchester in our 2000 production, the 2010 production is dedicated to him.

The very much alive – if a bit red in the face – Jeff Merrifield was another key member of our writers group and an accomplice to his contemporary Ken Campbell on capers going back to the early 70s. Jeff’s an author in his own write, he wrote Hit Me! the Ian Dury musical. He played the Ghastly Cherub in 2000 at the Globe and in the Cathedral. He’s the only actor in the cast to be reprising the role he created. He’s travelled from his home in Shetland to blow the last trump in Southwark Cathedral.


  1. oh so that’s where he came from! thanks for info, makes some sense.

    it’s all coming together mister,
    looking sounding feeling good..


  2. I loved the warm-up last night – really grounding and relaxing. Thank you!

    For such a naughty devil I am certainly sleeping the untroubled sleep of the virtuous this week. What I noticed last night was people taking in quite how much we still have to do in the next day…but the quiet mantra from our chaotic little devil rabble was ‘It will all make sense when we get to the cathedral’. Before the Scoop performance on Saturday I hopped off the 17 and down the steps into the cathedral…had forgotten in the 6 years since I worked in Southwark that the walls are covered in flint. I wondered why flint made it into my Gladiator poem.

    It all makes sense when you get to the cathedral.

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