Day 4 – dress rehearsal

April 21, 2010

What’s this, Brother John blogging in the a of the m? Ain’t he got better producer’s jobs to do? Well, yes I do, and have been up for hours doing them! Today we have:

1.35 – 1.55 pm I’m being interviewed about The Southwark Mysteries on the Robert Elms Show, BBC Radio London. I’ll be rushing back from that to attend a final core cast rehearsal, a press call, a Q2Q and then the dress itself.  Lots of requests for people to switch their ticket day (almost impossible at this stage), for a school to have an extra comp for a Gran because a child performer’s parents are still stuck in Spain, grounded by the volcano, and and and and…

On the day of before the opening, the biggest risk to a Producer is that s/he will worry themselves sick from thinking of all the things that COULD go wrong.

Last night, Katie commented that this blog had been my life-line, my therapy, my discipline to carry me through this roller-coaster 100days ride. She’s right. It helps. Maybe it’s just the nearest thing in this secular cybernetic world to a decent old-fashioned confessional.

I blog therefore I don’t attach. I trust in God howsoever I may conceive S/He to be. And here at 11.59 my computer time, I blog off.


Update 19.13. Right now, in Cathedral, they’re doing a Q2Q. Shhh! I’ve snuck out and home – only 10 minutes walk away – to update the blog while I can. So… The Robert Elms interview went well. People were emailing Rose at the Cathedral to tell her about it. You can hear it on i-player:

John C talks The Southwark Mysteries and Crossbones Graveyard with Robert Elms – our 15 minutes of fame starts at 1.36.15 🙂


sneak wee-hours-of-Day-3 update: old friends turned up at the dress-rehearsal – Jim the sax player who I used to meet on the patch of wild behind Trinity back in the ’80s when he walked his dog Luke, with his partner Vicki, who I met way back in 1999 in the 24 hour Warp parties – hadn’t seen either of them for years – and Sophie O’ and Tony E and Andy M and Yap the poet – a lot of ’em invited by Charlie and Michelle and other core cast members and turned out they knew lots of people in the community cast as well – Zoe and Kim and Lizzie and after the dress we had a drink in The Anchor.

The oldest tavern on Bankside.

The dress went well, no major crises, yet not so perfect as to make us nervous. Amongst we simple theatre folk, there be much superstitious twisty talking, don’t you know.

As in in the actor’s benediction: ‘Break a leg.’

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