We can be Heras – just for 3 Days – first night

April 22, 2010

Tonight. The Southwark Mysteries at Southwark Cathedral.

Not for your blog-author to review his own production.

A spirited, strong, clear telling, a bringing of the tale to vivid life – what more could an author ask…

Everyone seemed to get it – and love it – or at least I manage to evade any who didn’t! 🙂  The Dean was generous  in his support – admitting that 10 years ago he’d been a bit more twitchy, knowing the flak he’d catch. This time he felt he could enjoy it much more.

At the VIP reception, held in the medieval church of St Mary Overie, to which our 70 strong cast and crew all invited, Canon Bruce welcomed and then Simon Hughes said good things about Southwark and The Mysteries  – strictly non-political, he’s in purdah for the Elections, but he is after all our patron and so entitled to say a few words!

Then I made a speech and tried to thank everyone who’d helped it happen – from Colin and Simon, and Anne, through Giles, Pauline, Jilly, Bronwyn, to the breakfast with Dan which got the show on the road. All the supporters. The volunteers who helped – from Forster design team to LSBU offer of Edric Hall complete with some very helpful Student Ambassadors. All the people working behind the scenes, Annie and her design team, the stage management crew. Kate Schofield the production manager. The cast. The actors driving the story and the community cast lifting it to epic heights.

And I should also have thanked by name Kate Driver our amazing stage manager, and Sarah Abigail Weightman who helped Annie and her design team work wonders on shoestrings! I did my best – without a script.

Ended my thank you speech by acknowledging that those closest to me know that this work has been testing to the limit, and no-one knows that more than my co-producer (with Sarah), my partner, in art and life, we’ve come through it together and are stronger for it.

Thank you, Katie. You’re a Hera! *

2 more to go!

* A Hera,  for any boys in the class who still don’t know, is what Old Skool Boys like yrstruly might once have called Heroines – afore they was set straight by a Community Cast Hera name of Jennifer.

You can see as short scenes from the play, and interviews with me, sarah and Louisa from our community cast, is on London News (from 22.50)


  1. Well – I’m one of the few Sarahs involved – and my sister (who we named after a friend and a relative) is a Kate…my whole life I’ve been part of a mass gang of Sarahs and Kate/Katie/Katys…so the Southwark Mysteries is a home from home for me, of sorts.

    Most importantly, as I said earlier…’Thank you for making this.’ I still think there is more to say…but in a way, let the text stand.

    As Cordelia says…

    ‘Love and be silent.’
    (Although hopefully with a much happier ending…)

    • Or in the words of that sweet Prince: ‘The rest is silence’.

      And, by the Grace of Our Lady Mary Overie, healing, reconciliation, transformation..

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