(all is) Day One

April 24, 2010

24th April 2010, the last night of this incarnation of The Southwark Mysteries.

For details of other Southwark Mysteries walks, workshops, performances and other events please keep checking the Mysteries and Crossbones websites (see also blogroll).

Thanks to Sarah Davey-Hull for somehow incorporating a huge collective cast and crew into as complete a realisation of the play as I could have wished. Thanks EVERYBODY who was part of this – together we made it happen! Thanks to everyone I thanked already and everyone I should have thanked more, thanks…

Will spare you another Sally Field Oscar-weep-fest 😦

There may be a Day Zero post-production report though, as benefits such a Day, it may not be bound in time. Any late-comers reading this after the event should be aware that this here is Day One of 100daysofsouthwarkmysteries, a life-changing dramatic-spiritual work involving myself, my partner, our friends and supporters and more than a hundred active participants.

As you travel backwards in time – through Day 2,3,4,5 all the way back to the hundredth day – you’ll be retracing the steps that led me, us, to this moment of truth.  You’ll be able to scrutinize  our most testing moments, the crises of faith and the dark nights of the soul, and also the joy and energy, the sense of community, of being part of something bigger than ourselves that has sustained our diverse little scratch theatre family and empowered us all to support one another and to guide the good ship Goose safely home to anchor in Mary Overie dock.

The Southwark Mysteries was conceived (received) as much more than a play. It aspires to a collective act of transformation. Being human, we will inevitably fall short of all we might have done. Yet I survey all that we’ve have done these last days, I can say we’ve given our all and opened our hearts to sing and dance.

After the show we repaired to The Mudlark and then The Southwark Tavern, actors, stage management, design and pretty much the entire adult community cast, everyone shining and sharing and celebrating into the wee hours.

It may take us a month or two to clear up after the party. It’s already been two or three years in preparation, with three month’s intensive pre-production, workshops and rehearsals – all leading up to our Three Days of walking the walk.

The which, to the very best of our individual and collective abilities, we have – and The Work is – well and truly…




  1. Blimey – you weren’t kidding when you said this day of judgement was all about time travel…is it really 24th April 2910 already? 😉
    I have just had my last supper before participating in merriment and devillery (scuse the misquote) one last time – in this incarnation, anyway. I always imagined that I’d be back living back by the sea in south wales by 2020 – but who knows…geese may fly a long way from home..
    It’s been an astounding journey – my London grows ever greater – but far more human – and therefore a smaller, friendlier place 🙂

  2. Feeling quite a void today, it has been such an amazing experience, which ended so fantastically yesterday.
    I suspect, I will still be in St Albans in 10 years, maybe not working in Southwark though, but I will be there if the Goose & Crow return home. http://shaun.ph/87

  3. Also planning to be at the Crossbones vigil on the 23rd July, when I will have composed my first ever song, inspired by the Southwark Mysteries of course.
    Working title is “Tunneller’s Repent”

    Not planning to use more than 3 chords, my guitar playing is a work in progress. Although who can tell where my inspiration will take me.

  4. and from the Southwark Tavern to the Rose in Snowsfields complete with open fire, and when even they found the night too late to host our enthusiasm, a splendid little cafe on the Pullens estate which mysteriously opened just for us…
    and finally, riding home across town and Thames a nd palaces and parks, and a blessing of all for Anzac day crowds remembering their dead at Hyde Park Corner, complete with rousing Kiwi vocal work, all a part of this same grand old story of human life on earth…

  5. Tara and I ended up being be-friended by Marti, a man of the streets, full of the old wisdom and awakened soul of kindred spirits. We shared stories til 5 in the morning, finally parting company opposite the college in borough where we did the rehearsals. full circle.
    bless sings in love amidst dawn chorus
    thanks one and all

  6. I do hope you continue blogging, reading this blog had become a daily ritual for me

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