not so gloomy Sunday 84

February 2, 2010

Thanks to the liberating insights of Day 85, was not too much troubled by the niggling recollection that on Day 84 I’d said no to ten grand of funding for our production.

It was money we’d counted on for months, the  missing part of our minimum budget. I’d just learned the source of the funding. Infernal? Let’s just say if we’d accepted the money, a lot of our natural supporters may have assumed, rightly or wrongly, that we were engaged in intimate acts with the Prince of Darkness. So…


That at least was the decision of  The Great Producer, aka yrstuly the Author of this Blog, whose decision it was after much soul-searching and – though to some it may seem like a reckless poetic act – he’s tried to do the right thing and if it means we now have to do it on a tighter shoestring than before, then at least we’ve stayed true to the Spirit of the play…

And to The Goose and John Crow.

And easy to write the above now, end of Day 83 – you all know by now, don’t you? This blog moves backwards through Time. – when it looks like I may well have done the right thing, because…

I know that on Day 83, half of the total funding I just refused has been offered to me and in a way that seems  to have no er… complications…

In sha allah…

So, though I may sound pretty cool now, like I followed my conscience and the half I’ve secured is enough to keep the show on the road to Southwark Cathedral and, yes, I do feel good and pleased I didn’t lose TOO much sleep over it all… but even so…

Ten grand? That’s as much as a performance poet cum playwright cum purveyor of unusual walks earns in a year!

High stress? Moments, dear boy, moments…

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  1. May the funding you seek come from a more ethical source!

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