49 Days – a user’s guide

March 7, 2010

Now that we’ve nosed ahead of the half-way mark, a timely overview of the 100days blog.

For those of you new to the wild and wacky world that is 100daysofsouthwarkmysteries… and

for tried and trusted friends and fans with very short attention spans:  a few simple OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.

1) remember the blog is moving backwards in time towards its Apocalypse moment at Day Zero, the day AFTER the last performance of The Southwark Mysteries when the veils of Producerdom are lifted from mine eyes, along with, Our Lady willing, most of the other self illusions that did ever obscure my Poetic insight.

So yesterday was Day 50 and tomorrow will be 48, all the way down to the Holy O, and…

First night, April 22nd, is Day 3.
April 23rd, St George’s Day, Shakespeare’s Birthday and Mysteries twelfth anniversary performance, Day 2.
Last night, April 24th, Day 1.

2) The blog IS a spontaneous overspill of my responses to the multifarious challenges of attempting to produce my contemporary mystery play in Southwark Cathedral.
a) It is NOT operating according to any Masterplan or Screenwriter’s Treatment.
b) It IS improvising, in the style of She who is invoked in The Southwark Mysteries:


the cat and the fiddle
I riddle me Goose’s song

if God’s the Man
with the Master Plan

who’s the Dark Eyed Girl
who just lets it unfurl

who’s making It up
as It goes along?

c) It is, however, mediated by certain other contingencies and writer’s artifices.
i) It is NOT a backstage gossip column. If you want kiss’n’tell and upskirt shots, stick to Perez Hilton and the rest.
ii) I aim only to name names when I’m bigging someone up. Blog regulars will know that when I have a beef I tend to kvetch in cryptic code, and who the cap fit…
iii) I blog therefore you know I am. If I stop for more than a week, without letting you know in advance, then you can start to worry. Otherwise, dear friends, trust and have faith that your JC minor will keep the faith, stand firm and forthright in the face of his fears, even though he too, like many before him, once or twice upon a time out of mind, must walk the black dog…

That by The Grace of Our Lady Mary Overie and with The Goose as his guide, with a steadfast support and friendship of a remarkable Katie, with a good crew around, with so many good friends and supporters and new associates and co-conspirators on the great adventure upon which we are all embarked… (to be continued)

And big up to Dom Search who’s now put up his and Nadja’s photos and is hosting our online community cast photo gallery.

And to Blog Wrangler for wrangling this blog.

And always good to end, as my facebook friend MJ Tallon reminds me, with a 🙂

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