16 Days

April 10, 2010

on a lighter note…

Rumours reach us that if an A-list actOR with a self-deprecating sense of humour OR Paul O’Grady doesn’t step up to the mark soon, then Your Author may be called upon to play the part of God.

Our inside reporter reports that today, following a very constructive production meeting, director Sarah called writer John into the rehearsal to play the great role. When he nervously inquired what he would wear, Sarah directed him to the script, the stage direction:

‘YAHWEH, the archetypal Old Man in the White Sheet…’

The director was apparently happy to allow the new actor to use his author’s prerogative to change the script, so:
‘When I was offered the part of God, I was given to understand it was the lead.’

To ‘When I WROTE  the part of God, I naturally wrote it as the lead.’

If Timothy West should happen to contact us soon, or indeed Paul O’Grady – I’m serious! – then the author has assured us he’ll step aside graciously, and the original version of the script is the one.

If not, mutterers may mutter: ‘Who does he think he is?’ Lovers will get the joke. Haters will do what haters do. One way or another, let Love conquer all, again and again.

One comment

  1. When John’s performance elevates him to God like status in the theatre world, those that decided to pass on this opportunity will have more than some regrets. 😉

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