What a difference a Day 94 makes.

January 21, 2010

Apologies dear readers for Day 95’s self-pitying whinging. Promise no more so-and-soing on about so-and-sos.

If you want to do the work, you got to take it on the nose.

Easy to say today, when something big got sorted – can’t say that either, yet, or I could blow it – suffice to say The Goose seems to be working her magick and God(dess) smiling on The Southwark Mysteries.

So, when JC is not having minor meltdowns, what has he, aided and abetted  by the amazing kateEkaos, been doing so far this year as er… producer of The Southwark Mysteries. Okay, so, quick recap…

kateEk organised the tickets
> with JC, from scratch: ‘How do we do this to contain the logistical nightmare.’)
> checking out the options before going live at WeGotTickets.
> designing the physical tickets, printing and getting them on sale at the Cathedral shop.

JC did marketing and publicity:
> with Sarah interviewing three publicists, all with good pitches, through to appointing Anna Arthur for our PR Londonwide and beyond. We’re doing our own marketing south of the river drawing on all our community networks.
> with kateEk meetings with Katie and Harriet at Forster to work on more viral marketing.
> meetings with Kim, Marion of St George in Southwark festival (in which our production features), Leigh and James at SE1 – where James recorded JC’s first audioboo
> with kateK meetings with designers Adam and Robert and the studio head Vic, also giving their services for free yet giving us the full client treatment: we suggest the image, they draft the poster , we circulate the image among our supporters, get feedback. It’s good. People like it.

Sarah with JC, kateEk, Ita and Jill the workshop leader delivered a first workshop for prospective professional cast members. John and Sarah and KateEk had lots of meetings about logistics , budgets, funding – including shortfalls –  insurance, everything – even, when we get a moment, about the script and the other creative aspects!

JC (that’s John C by the way, not Jesus C – we don’t confuse them, and we’ll inform you if we change this abbreviation) is meanwhile still chasing up the rest of the funding and liaising with the  corporates who’re supporting us, and trying to balance the corporate logos and all the rest of that dance – without compromising the spirit of The Goose.

O and liaising with 3 Southwark schools, and next things next: writing an invitation to go out to those who’ve expressed an interest in being in the community cast.

I include these little practical details. One use for this blog is you can put them all together and you’ll have a HOW TO PRODUCE AN EPIC COMMUNITY DRAMA ON NEXT TO NOTHING.

One thing for sure. We couldn’t do it alone. Thanks for all the (named and unnamed) who are helping us.

Like tonight, London South Bank University came up with a rehearsal space for us to use, free of charge. Thank you, Bronwyn!

Real things. Tonight, as so often I pass by Crossbones Graveyard, to remember and light a candle at The Red Gates and, on holi days, one inside our Secret Garden for the Virgin (Goddess) statue. And there was a small fire burning in the garden, and Sidney was clearing and burning dead wood, and the invisible garden was waking from its winter sleep.  Then the Invisible Gardener appeared and we embraced and laughed at the madness of the lives we live.

And just now, when I published this, Saj’s new design for my page, with a new banner: Juliet’s photo of Benji and Jacqs (Beelzebub and Satan in the last production). I feel my blog-persona blossoming into colour. Spring in the air!

The Goose be with us.

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