Day 31 much to be done

March 26, 2010

Like, just for example, at yesterday’s production meeting it came up that the schools all want comps for the parents of the children who play Cromwell’s soldiers and the Angels. Fair enough. Only we’ve already sold half the 340 tickets, with the other 170 odd tickets promised to sponsors and supporters and other benefactors, plus even one comp each for us and the cast and crew and before you know it…

So today wrote to all our supporters asking confirmation of names for their first night tickets, they having already kindly agreed to reduce their ticket quotas for VIP night so as to ensure that any spare tickets can be speedily reallocated. Seeking the middle way: not to double-book, but nor to end up with a bank of empty seats from being too cautious.

This evening was much more fun. Southwark Lore with Scott Wood, Neil Transpontine, Chris Roberts, Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle, Niall Boyce, Nigel of Bermondsey and your blogger, briefly released from his producer’s straightjacket to channel some Goose at the Old Carpet Warehouse, on the corner of Borough High and Trinity Streets, my back yard.

I did The Book of The Goose and The Book of The New South Bank. Started with a poem from The Southwark Mysteries that I rarely perform, but like a lot. It was inspired by the building just up the road from the Carpet Warehouse / Temporary Autonomous Gallery in which tonights SELFS event was taking place, the building I would often pass on my after midnight walks with The Goose, back in the day when night security could smoke at their desks:


warning recently removed, Old Ted
glassed in with his cobalt CCTV
and the smoke of his forty-a-night


says the luminous dead
-eyed digital lizard
the bell rattle the key

we’re ‘ere to Keep
The Night Watch
you and me
All’s Well.


For me the highlight of the night was Nigel of Bermondsey singing his Bermondsey suite, intercut with Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle doing her dark tales of a bygone age. I was listening intently to Nigel’s first song when it occurred to me he was singing a haunting song about Crossbones.

Exquisite chill!

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